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In the year 2014/15, with Flemingo International  offering to sponsor the” Educate to Protect” program as their CSR project, District 322 formed a committee with some past District Chairmen to conduct classes for the children as well as for the parents to educate them on what child abuse is and how to safeguard their children from this menace.

This program was organized with the help of the Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Education Department and the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA).  The Lecturers were either from the Police or the NCPA.  According to the MOU signed between Flemingo International and IW District 322 each child was given a file containing material related to child abuse, the rights of a child and what to do in case a child has been abused.  Also, the children were given a treat of a packet of milk and some food.  The sponsors donated us $ 100,000.00. Each child cost $ 1.00 and the Inner Wheel committee bore their own expenses.

This project was carried out islandwide in 19 schools mostly in remote areas to educate 10,300 students and almost 4000 parents attended these sessions.   On the 1st of October to celebrate World Children’s Day and on the 10th of March to celebrate World Women’s Day special programs were held to assist the community to safeguard the children and help them to grow up to be good citizens for their Motherland.

01 Oct 2014
Educate to Protect
  • Organized by: Flemingo International, Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Education Department, National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) and IW District 322