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On the 26th of December 2004, when Tsunami struck Sri Lanka causing devastation and havoc in the coastal belt of the island, many Inner Wheel clubs around the world came forward to assist our country through Inner Wheel District 322.

A Tsunami Committee was set up with past District Chairmen and they selected Kosgoda, a village in the south of the country.  A village badly affected by the Tsunami was named “Inner Wheel village” after building 34 houses with an area of 500 sq ft. and provided with electricity and water for the victims with the funds received from the Inner Wheel clubs of Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and England.

Projects were initiated to find self-employment and provide basic amenities to start a life for the Tsunami victims. A Community Centre and a school for teaching IT and English were set up for the children of the area.  The village Temple that was razed to the ground and was built mostly with the financial aid received from local benefactors.

Some of the Inner Wheel clubs in the district received individual funds and they built community centres and houses, donated boats to the fishermen who lost their means of livelihood, helped the pregnant mothers with maternity clinics and nourishing food etc to help the community at a time when the country was in dire straits due to the after-effects of Tsunami.  The total cost of the projects amounted to Rs. 16.00 million.

27 Feb 2005
Tsunami Donation
  • Organized by: Inner Wheel District 322 Sri Lanka
  • Venue: Kosgoda,Sri Lanka